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A new hero Hero Classes tweaked:
Hero Classes were introduced to broaden the spectrum of hero picks. The differences between some heroes were very small, but ultimately some heroes were never picked simply because the choice was always to go for the best hero - but heroes like Centaur, Dusa, PL, Oracle can only be picked by 1 player, which makes it unfair for other players. We think that LoD should be mostly about your spell choices and less about your hero choice. This update to Hero Classes should satisfy most of the concerns players had with the initial approach.

Additionally, we think that after you picked your spells, you should quickly get into the action and not have to compare 5 different heroes only for someone else to be faster and snatch a hero you wanted - especially with the newly introduced double-rune mechanics, the bounty runes and the popular fast neutrals mode. Ideally, you should be able to think about your Hero Class while you complete your skill build.

Link download:
DotA v6.82 LoD v6b Beta 2
DotA v6.82 LoD v6b Beta 2.w3x
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&sid=31f56157ece318e76a18904a88ca91e3   &sid=31f56157ece318e76a18904a88ca91e3

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